QUOTABARZ: The Hottest Barz Of The Week [PEEP]


Get caught up with the hottest barz of the week from all the new releases of the week with QUOTABARZ. Peep the best barz below.


“We was bite down, now we true’d up (a lie) / She, she say the baby mine’s, that’s a lie (that’s a lie) / If I ain’t the hottest in the city, that’s a lie (that’s a lie) / School, teach you how to read the lines (read the lines) / In these streets, gotta read between the lines” – FRENCH

“I got it a little cheap, baby you should come and play / Daddy will pay the cab, maybe stay for a day / No one got it but me / Bitches, they call me whore, son, more buns / Mami bent over for hum / Give her, what she want and let her get it good” – MAX B


“I-I snatch you by your head like an eagle did it / Shootout with the police like Sigel did it / Middle of the streets like The Beatles did it / Can’t be in it when you leave, or they leave you in it / Ev-Everything that’s gold ain’t what it glitter / I seen killers fold for certain killas” – FRENCH


“Yeah heh, and n*gga warning, danger / Yeah they have what they came for / Shoe to toe, nail flamethrower / Known to hit where they ain’t for / Cocaine lord, Marijuana Don / He watching mine is a 1 on 1 / Got a hundred stacks, of a hundred ones” – FRENCH MONTANA

“Yeah they have what they came for / Shoe to toe, nail flamethrower / Known to hit where they ain’t for
Cocaine lord, Marijuana Don / He watching mine is a 1 on 1 / Got a hundred stacks, of a hundred ones / Plus a hunna hunnas / Binding stacks on another/ I keep it a hunna for a hunna bands / I seen felons turn they backs on one another” – T.I.


“Then you look back at your life and everything is a blur / Did I really turn 23 and see a mill before 24? / Did I just blow it all like a hand grenade in the middle of a civil war? / Am I still down with the same niggas that I came in with? / Do they really value my friendship? / Or do they just love he attention?”

“Not to mention my girlfriends, what went wrong? / Did they do me too right? / Am I the same as the snakes? Is the past coming back to bite? / Did I waste too many days? Did I fight too many nights? / Will they love me when I die? Will I ever learn to fly?”

“Introduction to Victor, not Vic Mensa / The one you never meet in a XXL issue / I got so many issues, I should be my own publisher / The beat is my therapist, Skateboard, paint the picture / A portrait of the artist formerly known as Vic / I read the signs I was close to overdose like Prince”


“I been rollin’ up haze in the studio for days just to work for a wage / Now I’m on, fuckin’ paid in this mothafucka / Who got a hit just like this? And got heart and rich like this? / Never failed, 20 years and he still got grip like this / And got kids with a super hot bitch like this”


“I ate ’em all, dry boxes, bodies, yeah I count ’em / If we’re talking about real meals / Ask my stomach, he ain’t saw ’em / I’ve been in this fuckin’ room so long / My eyeballs are turning to dry wall / My friends suck, fuck ’em, I’m over ’em”


“Lord, forgive me for my sins, used to pray to get a brick / N*gga icy like it’s hockey, and I’m playin’ with them sticks / He don’t like me, but he gotta respect the fact we gettin’ rich / N*gga threw a shot and missed me, threw ’em back and he got hit (Brrrt, brrrt)”

“Went from public housing to a glass house (glass house) / Fuckin’ famous bitches in my trap house / My main bitch fight my side bitch, Kash Doll / The only way to keep them quiet when I cash out (woo!)”


“The sun is gone shine even through the shady / Just ’cause I play it Melo, don’t think you can trade me / You can’t buy class, I bought a new Mercedes / Came back on them birds, I’m the new Tom Brady” – FAB

KING LOS – “DEAR 2017”

“Last night shit was mad fly, we got mad high / Keep it movin’, let ’em pass by, no more bad vibes / Oh I’m anti, actin’ like a giant I’m, so sorry you can’t fly / I’m all across the whole damn sky / When shit get hard I hold hands with god / Like imma need the whole answer dog / That’s the thought, that’s the art, that’s the darkness talkin’ to you”


“Live my, I live my life, I been chasing check and I never get it / Been around it, seen it, never had it / Mama, daddy, whole family, broke family / I’ma get it, told ’em I’ll fuckin’ handle it and murder the game so the service candle lit”



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