Jay-Z Talks About His Father’s Trials & Tribulations In “Adnis” Footnotes [WATCH]


Jay-Z continues to unveil footnotes for the singles on his critically-acclaimed ‘4:44’ album. Having already shared more than half of the footnotes, Hov moves forward with “Adnis.” As you may know “Adnis” is a bonus cut off the album.

“Adnis” is inspired by Hov’s estranged father, Adnis Reeves. On the footnotes he reflects on his dad’s lifes and discusses his father’s trials and tribulations, while looking at things through Adnis’ scope.

“When you look at it through that scope, through that lens, you don’t look at it in such a harsh view,” says Hov. “You look at it like, ‘Man, life fucked you up. I’m sorry that happened to you. I wish you would have told me. I wish you could have said something to me. I could have helped you.”

Along with Jay, the Adnis footnotes includes additional commentary from Chris Rock, Mahershala Ali, Will Smith, Bill Burr, Mack Wilds, DJ Khaled, and Kevin Hart, who all share their own stories of their fathers.

Watch below.


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