Tyga Uncovers Track Listing For Upcoming “Kyoto” Album [PEEP]

This Friday Tyga will be releasing his new album ‘Kyoto’, which will follow last year’s ‘BitchImTheShit 2’. Before giving his fans the finished product, T-Raww reveals his official track listing along with total number of tracks.

Set to include 14-tracks, Tyga will collaborate with Gucci Mane on “Sip a Lil,” Tory Lanez on “Faithful,” and 24hrs on “Holdin On.” Along with the guest features, the album will also include singles that are already out like “Boss Up” and “Temperature.”

Tyga clearly drew inspiration from past superstars like Murder Inc.’s biggest acts on the track “Ja Rule & Ashanti,” while Diddy, Usher, Ginuwine, and Loon on “I Need a Girl, Pt. 3,” which should include a similar chorus or sample the originals.

Check out the complete track list below.


1. “Temperature”
2. “Leather in the Rain”
3. “Come and Ball With Me”
4. “Boss Up”
5. “U Cry”
6. “King of the Jungle”
7. “Hard2Look”
8. “I Need a Girl Pt.3”
9. “Train 4 This”
10. “Hot Soup”
11. “Sip a Lil” feat. Gucci Mane
12. “Faithful” feat. Tory Lanez
13. “Ja Rule & Ashanti”
14. “Holdin On” feat. 24Hrs


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