G-Herbo Talks Plans For 2018, Growing Up In Chicago, Upcoming Projects & More [PEEP]

I had the chance to sit down and talk to up-and-coming Chicago spitter, G-Herbo, who released his acclaimed ‘Humble Beast’ project last year and made a lot of noise.

In the Q&A with G-Herbo, we discussed the mind state he was in when coming up with the title for ‘Humble Beast’, growing up on the rough streets of Chicago, artists he looks up to, what we can expect from him this year, and more.

Q: What was the mindset behind the title of your last project ‘Humble Beast’
It’s kind of self-explanatory but not so much. Growing up in poverty and coming from the neighborhood I came up in, it’s literally like a jungle. So you grow up with a beast mentality, more just like monster, like you’re living in a jungle. Like you a beast or have a beast mentality, But to survive that you gotta be humble to overcome that and know how to move through situations, you can’t just react. That’s really how I try to carry myself throughout life and that was really my introduction to the world.
Q: How did rap save you from street life in Chicago?
Me, myself I know that I have a passion for music and rap. It’s what I do and what I wanna do. It feels like this is what I was put on earth to do. I’m glad I understood that at an early age, I had to go thru my curbs and bumps cuz I was on the streets all the way. Rap really just kept me focused cuz you gotta stay 100-percent focused at all times, there’s gonna be good and bad times, there’s a lot that comes with it, but you gotta embrace it and take everything that come with it if this is what you wanna do. You gotta dedicate yourself 100-percent to your music (you know what I’m sayin’), your family, God, and everything else will just fall in place. You gotta understand that first, and I’m pretty sure on a higher scale, everyone went through the same thing.
Q: What’s been one of the biggest lessons learned in music?
Life. It’s gonna repeat itself…no matter who you are, where you from. I feel like everyone go through different shit, but life and certain situations just repeat itself and everybody go through the same curbs. You gotta learn and crawl before you walk.
Q: Who were some artists that got you thru tough times growing up?
Meek, Wayne, Beanie Sigel, just listening to songs like that. Not too many artists, but a lot of artists that if you listen to their music, it might give you the chills. My music has done it for me before, other people’s music has too. You know Meek that’s one of my favorite artists and that’s why I named him first, cuz it’s certain situations you might be able to relate to.
Q: What’s your take on Meek’s current prison sentence and situation?
Man, it’s hard, bro. I don’t wanna say it’s life, but it kind of comes with what we doing and the environment that we come from. They’ve been trying to hold us down. Free Meek tho.
Q: What’s been one of the most important tool for you in your career?
Time, patience and doing everything how I envisioned, you know just speaking everything into existence, from music to family, everything. Just taking my time and taking everything one day at a time and just trying to get better, I’m just trying to get better really.
Q: What can we expect from G-Herbo this year?
My project ‘Swervo’ of course, man. Honestly, I was gonna drop ‘Swervo’ last year, but like I said I’m just taking my time and doing everything right is about staying patient and knowing exactly what you doing. Ima drop ‘Swervo’ this year, top of the year, first quarter. It’s fully produced by Southside front-to-back and I’m really excited about that. A bunch of other stuff coming too. I got a lot more in store I can’t even say, I’m just working, you know independently.
Q: Can we expect more than 1 project in 2018 from you?
Of course.



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