Lil Wayne Has A New Face Tattoo, J. Cole’s Album Will Be Delayed & Other Things We Learned Today (News)

The year has barely begun and Lil Wayne‘s forehead managed to make headlines on day 2. For those of you who haven’t heard or seen (like you can really take your eyes off the huge picture above this blurb), Lil Wayne added a new tramp stamp to his already huge collection of tramp stamps in an area that quite hard to miss if he isn’t wearing a hat. Yep, Wayne’s fourhead has been branded with a tattoo that says “BAKED” imitating the skateboard brand Baker logo.

Anyways, that’s not all that happened today. Someone’s sophomore album was delayed and other stuff, after the jump.

-J. Cole revealed that his album Born Sinner will not be coming out January 28th. It’s not official unless it’s tweeted. (via RR)

-Drake “apologized” (err… his manager sent an apologetic text) to Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Byant for saying that she wasn’t with him “shooting in the gym” on Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’.” It’s not official unless it’s tweeted. (via Complex)

-Outkast is reuniting on two tracks: a new version of Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter and T.I.’s “Sorry.” (via LAL)

-Jay-Z is set to score The Great Gatsby. How freakin’ exciting is that?!?!?! I’m really excited to watch it now! (via LAL)

-This happened. A hilarious Taiwanese news animation depicting the news of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby announcement. We all knew Kris Jenner was involved.

As for news that nobody-cares-about-if-you’re-a-young-rapper-on-the-come-up-then-maybe-you-should-RUN-for-your-life:

-Andrea Herrera, formally known as Kat Stacks (remember Soulja Boy/Cocaine), will not be deported back to Venezuela and has been released from the Immigration facility. She’s free now. Bet you had no idea she was even gone. (via nbc miami)

Oh yeah, one more thing…

-Kendrick Lamar finally introduced the world to Sherane. (via LAL)

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