Bootleg Kev Interviews Kendrick Lamar (Video)

I’m just going to copy and paste what Bootleg Kev wrote down:

I got to sit down with the good homie Kendrick Lamar backstage at Powerhouse 2012! We speak on him doing crazy numbers for GKMC the first week, what his expectations were for the album, In retrospect how important it was for him to be on the Club Paradise Tour, the new joint with J.Cole “The Jig Is Up” and wether or not they will finally drop a project together, being the leader of the new wave of respectable Hip Hop artists, how to balance doing “Kendrick” type records and doing more ignorant stuff like the verse on “Fucking Problems”, How he feels about The Game sticking up for him in regards to the Shyne situation, where Sherane is today, how he feels about people calling the album a “Classic”, wether or not he is working on album #2 again, and more! Also included is video of Kendrick performing “Westside Right On Time” at Powerhouse 2012.

After the jump, catch a piece of his Powerhouse (Power 98.3) performance. Thanks Kev!

[bootleg kev]

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