A$AP Ferg dabbles with Young M.A.’s infectious track “OOOUUU” on his remix. The Trap Lord becomes the latest rapper to try his hand over one of the hottest beats of the year. Ironically other New York rappers like French Montana, Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have all remixed the song.


“I teach you how to be a player, Bill Bellamy
Funny cause I fucked that same bitch Headphanie”

“100 bands made the diamonds dance like Carlton Banks
Me and M.A. at the strip club blowin’ all these Franks”



We The Best Music’s Kent Jones drops his ‘Too Much Too Soon’ mixtape.

The title is very fitting for Jones’ career, whom in a short period of time has accomplished a lot. His song “Don’t Mind” went No. 1 on iTunes, he was featured on DJ Khaled’s first No. 1 album ‘Major Key’, and he’s been catching a lot of steam in the industry.

The mixtape debuted on DJ Khaled’s “We The Best Radio” on Apple Music’s Beats1 and played in its entirety. It contains 20 songs with features from Ty Dolla $ign, K Camp, Yo Gotti, Lil Dickey and the OG E-40. There’s is also a huge chunk of Jones’ production on the mixtape.

Stream below.

Kent Jones – Too Much Too Soon



The Game – “True Colors/It’s On” [AUDIO]


The Game fires off another single off his forthcoming project ‘1992.’ On “True Colors/It’s On” Game takes aggressively spits tales about growing up with gang banging around him, his sister being molested and his dad’s horrible drug habit.

‘1992’ is expected to drop October 7th and will be based on his life growing up in the hood, family issues and experiences with law enforcement.

Listen below.


“Jordan got drafted to the Bulls, ’85 here
My Uncle Greg sniffin’ cocaine off my high chair
Mama in the kitchen cookin’, pops on the couch baggin’
Cousin’s loadin’ Louie Vuitton duffles in the Station Wagon”

“Pops used to tell me: “Son, don’t you ever be like me
The Bloods want to kill me, the cops’ll never catch me
And when you gang bangin’ life’s shorter than Joe Pesci”

“Playin’ with the birds like Magic, we was the dream team
Posted up on the block, I had that Hakeem lean
Watchin’ ’64s hop my nigga, no green screen
Walkin’ from the Tanas to the Cedars with my eyes closed
Red bandanna in my pocket, how you hide those?
Larry Nickles crack spot, my brother got me servin’
Couldn’t cook, burnin’ holes in my Dennis Rodman jersey”



Alicia Keys has earned herself the alter-ego of “Tina Turner” after she absolutely killed her version of Desiigner’s No. 1 record, “Timmy Turner.” This cover needs to be a full-on track. Watch the beautiful songstress cover the song below.

Havin’ some fun…. #desiigner #tiimmyturner #tinaturner 😜

A video posted by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on



Tinashe – “Company” [AUDIO]


Tinashe doesn’t want to be your girlfriend or be in a relationship, she simply needs some “Company” on her new track. The single will be in the singer’s upcoming ‘Joyride’ album dropping in October.



The Game – “92 Bars” (Meek Mill Diss) [AUDIO]


New beef alert!

Last night The Game took the stage at Story nightclub in Miami, Fl. and sent warning shots to Meek Mill, saying he wants to “beat his ass” and referring to the Philly rapper as a “snitch.”

Following the club performance Game released a subliminal-free single titled “92 Bars,” where he goes all the way in on Meek, saying he’ll leave him leaking like Niagara. Game also says he’s been wanting to give Nicki the “pool stick.”

There’s no telling as of now what prompted the diss track, but it seems to be pretty serious in hip-hop anytime someone raises snitching allegations on someone else.


“Ever since that ni**a snitched on me, we just don’t speak / See, that shit you got with Drake was like a slow leak / Blood will be dripping like Niagara if I poke Meek / Nicki won’t get no sleep / I’m coming through at 4 a.m. / Four deep / Leave his dead body on his soaked sheets.”

“My ni**a Drizzy packed you out and you ain’t do shit / This the Golden State and my shooters ain’t on no hoop shit / Ni**a, you know that I’ll snap you like a toothpick.”

“Snitching on ni**as ain’t ever been no cool shit / I’ve been wanting to give Nicki this pool stick / So tell your little vibrant thing come fuck with Q-Tip.”


Let’s see what Meek will respond with.


According to TMZ the beef started when Meek Mill allegedly “snitched” on Game by telling Sean Kingston’s camp that the Compton rapper was “directly or indirectly” involved in the theft of $300,000 worth of Kingston’s jewelry.

Reports say all three artists were at a nightclub last June when the robbery occurred.



Isaiah Rashad – “Park” [VIDEO]

Isaiah Rashad drops a video for “Park” off his debut ‘The Sun’s Tirade’ album. In the video IR goes on a cruise with a couple his homies while they smoke and sip on liquor. The album is available now on iTunes and all platforms.


Ain’t no labels stopping Chance The Rapper, bih.

Lil Chano along with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz went on “Ellen” to perform “No Problem” and trashed a record label in the process. Wayne took the trashing of the record label a little further, by going in on his former label, Cash Money.

Weezy tweaked the lyrics in his verse by rapping, “If Cash Money tries to stop me / I’ma let ’em rob me / Yeah, right! Like Ryan Lochte.”

Safe to say the Weezy, Cash Money beef isn’t going to be over any time soon.



Earlier today Kid Cudi took shots at Drake and his former boss and friend on Twitter.

Cudder accused both rappers of not giving a “fuck” about him and specifically Ye of using him and only being there when in need.

Kinda crazy to think when they were just rocking with eachother.

Read Cuddie’s tweets below.

Kanye is not one to shy away from any controversy or anyone sending shots at him, so naturally he responded at his “Saint Pablo” tour stop in Tampa, Florida tonight. Watch below.

It was all G.O.O.D. just a few weeks ago. It’ll be interesting to see how this moves forward. Geesh.



Travis Scott’s “La Flame’ Documentary [VIDEO]

Travis Scott takes you behind the scenes of his rockstar lifestyle in his documentary ‘La Flame.’ 

In the short documentary Scotty gives you a glance at his life on tour, in the studio, on road, partying and even a look at his inner circle, which includes Kanye West, Quavo, Seth Rogen, Kevin Garnett and more.

The 18-minute video includes many “antidotes” and footage of him working on his now No. 1 album, ‘Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight.’

Who would’ve thought Scott watched “Space Jam” in the studio? Whatever gets the job done! Big ups TS on having the number 1 album. Hard work pays off.