Anytime Dreamville and TDE get together it always equates to something special. That is exactly what happens on BAS’ remix of “Housewives,” where he calls on Ab-Soul to drop some vocals. Hopefully we get more Dreamville, TDE collabs soon, like that J. Cole x Kendrick Lamar project. In the meantime listen to the remix below.


Ty Dolla %24ign - 2015 Pub - Jory Lee Cordy - 2

Ty Dolla $ign went on Instagram to drop the second single off his upcoming project ‘Campaign.‘ Ty who usually makes turn-up music dropped “No Justice,” a serious, dark song where he along with his brother Big TC talk about social injustices.

The three part video shows footage and remembers the lives of Philando Castile, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and others who have been killed by police.

Although TC is incarcerated, you are clearly able to hear his voice where he sings, “Some shit is getting worse,” he sings. “Before it’s getting better / It’s like the people have a curse, can’t nobody stay together / I watch you kill my people down, plus we killing off each other / Ain’t no justice for the brothers.”

Watch the three-part video of “No Freedom” below.

1 of 3 #NoJustice feat @bigtc_mtm from #Campaign

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2 of 3 #NoJustice #Campaign

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3 of 3 #NoJustice #Campaign

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The Game has always been a major advocate for change on social issues in America. Just last week he along with Snoop Dogg and Problem led a peaceful rally in LA and met with the Mayor, Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief, Charlie Beck in hopes of unifying LA.

Today, Game joined Power 106’s J. Cruz and Yesi Ortiz for a special edition of #KnowledgeIsPower, where he along with Nick Cannon, Dr. Abdullah, and Wendy Carrillo talked about the ongoing race issues in America and the definition of #BlackLivesMatter.

Following the conversation Game delivered a very powerful spoken word speech that he tirelessly worked on and fell asleep writing “so, it may sound unfinished at the end.” Read the lyrics to the unnamed piece below.

Game’s Spoken Word

The problem started with our fathers being forced to sell drugs to our own people given to us by the same government that locks us away in cages. Taking black men out of the ghettos they were put in and leaving the black woman and child alone to survive in a world with little or no resources because they lack the strength instilled upon man by God who as our creator knowing which roll the male species will play in building of what we now know as the earth. We were put here to share this one race, the human race, but over time the devil in his hatred of God as caused a wedge between man and the earth or a glitch in the matrix as some would say causing a ripple in the bloodlines of Black, White, Asian, Spanish and Indian cultures causing a segregated lifestyle in which the minority, yes the minority, it being us, African-Americans has surfed the most in all areas deemed inhumane from being slaves tied in chains to slaves hung by gangs.

These gangs, the American government, and KKK are now equal to African-Americans when we roll up and pull out a KKK. But who are we pointing our guns at? Each other, our sister and our brothers, but we scared, yeah we scared to point it in the direction of others. But the white man he’ll walk in church and kill our aunties and our mothers and we just lay down in streets cold and stiff under white covers. The same covers the Klu Klux Klan wore over their over heads to do us in then we get pulled over by the police and they wonder why we got guns because you ain’t gonna shot us man.

We want to defend ourselves like Mutombo, we want to be at home reading our children Micky Mouse and Dumbo, we want pardons by Obama before he gone, so we make it home just in time for grandmothers gumbo, but it won’t happen cause even Barack don’t have the freedom that he wants. He in the white house with black skin, I’d rather be out in the front, but his daughters, beautiful young black queens, living the American dream while our daughters are on the other side of the fence getting pregnant in their teens and I do not blame our President for sh**. I blame the government for trying to ease the black man since our existence.

This fight has been fixed it is a trap, yeah it is a trap black man, set up so we can never be as rich as Bruce Wayne that only leaves us with Batman, a character in a mask that has to hide his identity. Do all the work for police killing minorities saving them time and a whole lot of energy and we got enemies, we got a lot of enemies government want to see us all in the penitentiary trying to put the slave black in a n*****. You know they’ll murder us. Look how they did John Kennedy. So black man please put the blunt down, the lean and the Hennessy. It’s time to father our future so our existence is more than just a memory.

We need more figures of Game’s stature to do things like this and make a difference. Kudos.



Tinashe – “Superlove” (Audio)

Tinashe is currently working on her new album ‘Joyride’, but in the meantime she lets go off this new track “Superlove.”

Wiz Khalifa cruises around LA while making several stops through different neighborhoods making exchanges, while Lil’Uzi dances around in the video for “Pull Up.”


Last night Chance The Rapper flawlessly paid homage to the greatest boxer ever, Muhammad Ali with a real soulful tribute at the ESPN ESPY Awards.  In the process, Chance also debuted a new song while Ali’s greatest moments flickered on the jumbotron.

“Ain’t nowhere greater,” he sang. “Ain’t nowhere brighter / Ain’t nowhere better / Ain’t no one prettier / Ain’t no one wiser / Ain’t no one better.”

Chance then proceeds with the touching chorus: “I was a rock/ I was a rock and roller/ Back in my day/ But now I’m just a rock/ I was a rock and roller/ Back in my day/ But now I’m just a rock/ I was a rock.”

On stage joining Lil Chano was Jamila Woods, Peter Cottontale, Teddy Jackson, Donnie Trumpet and a full choir that added depth and emotion to the performance.

See Chance’s pre-performance warm-up with NBA MVP, Steph Curry below.

Following the show he expressed his gratitude for Ali. What a great moment for Chance, whom although independent has accomplished some real big things.



YG – “Still Brazy” [VIDEO]

Watch YG do his dance in the video for “Still Brazy.” Get ‘Still Brazy’ on iTunes HERE.



Kent Jones already had a No. 1 single with “Don’t Mind” and just when you thought the rhythmic song couldn’t get hotter, he dropped the remix with Pitbull and Lil Wayne. Pitbull comes thru with the latin flavor, while Weezy brings wittiness and even throws some French words in the mix. You know the We The Best boss, DJ Khaled had to come thru with the ad-libs. Listen below.



The way Gucci Mane is putting out music it definitely does seem like he has a clone or three. Gucci gives an introduction to “Multi Millionaire Laflare” on his newest single.

Gucci is set to drop his album ‘Everybody Looking’ July 22nd and has also been linked to a joint mixtape with Drizzy Drake. Good to see Gucci out the feds and working.



Migos – “Now” feat. Gucci Mane [AUDIO]


Migos and Gucci Mane are bringing them racks out on the Sonny Digital produced “Now.” After dropping a surprise mixtape last week, it looks like Migos is going to continue to roll out the tracks until they drop their upcoming ‘No Label 3.’ Listen to “Now” below.