Meek Mill Denied Bail; Will Remain In Prison [PEEP]

The ongoing legal woes will continue for Meek Mill as he was denied bail by the The Pennsylvania Superior Court and Philadelphia judge he and his lawyer have been relentlessly fighting. Although the decision was made on Friday, it was only reported to the public today.

Meek filed the bail petition in his probation violation case, which warranted 2-4 years in prison. His lawyer Joe Tacopina filed the motion to Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley, who was the one that made gave the Philly rapper his prison sentence. While denying the bail petition she went on to call Meek a “danger to the community” and a “flight risk.”

Tacopina explained his stance in a statement saying, “As stated on multiple occasions, he has never missed a previous court date in this case and poses absolutely no threat to the community, which makes him an ideal candidate for bail – a conclusion the Commonwealth did not oppose.”

Judge Brinkley sentenced Meek to his current sentence in early November for violating his probation, even though prosecutors didn’t call for any jail time to be given. The case that got Meek where he is now stems from a 2008 gun and drug charge.

The “harsh” treatment of Meek has resulted in Tacopina questioning Brinkley’s agenda and personal feelings against the rapper, alleging Brinkley asked Meek to quit Roc Nation and sign with her friend’s managing company. Tacopina also said that Brinkley requested Meek remake Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee” as an apology to her. He goes on to say Brinkley is “infatuated” with Meek and he hasn’t seen this kind of complication in his long legal career.


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