Tyler, The Creator’s Entire First Season Of Viceland Show “Nuts + Bolts” Is Now Available [STREAM]


Tyler, The Creator created a lot of buzz with his recently-released ‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy’ album. That buzz has carried over to his Viceland series “Nuts + Bolts,” which is now officially available for streaming.

The show is inspired by Bill Nye The Science Guy, as Tyler explores the way things work. With six episodes each one explores the functionalities of things he’s interested in like “Go-Kart,” “Breakfast,” “Sneakers,” “Furniture,” “Floating,” and more.

Along with his Viceland series, Tyler is also working on a Cartoon Network series called “The Jellies!,” which is set to premiere October 22nd on Adult Swim.

Hit the link below to stream the entire first season of “Nuts + Bolts.”



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