A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Shares Features For Debut Album ‘The Bigger Artist’ [PEEP]


Earlier this week New York rapper, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie not only announced his debut album, ‘The Bigger Artist’, he also uncovered the album artwork and set a release date of September 29th. The XXL Freshman of the Year has now shared features the album will include.

“Sept. 29. Shit is about to be different, man. I ain’t gonna lie, it’s gonna be different vibes, man. You see how I do love songs? It’s gonna be those in there, but I threw different types of vibes in it that I don’t really go on. So I got a song with Chris Brown on there, Trey Songz on there, I got 21 [Savage] on there, PnB Rock, NBA YoungBoy. It’s about to be different, man,” he said while speaking to Billboard.

Some of these features like Chris Brown and PnB Rock should come as no surprise, with the rapper having already collaborated with them.

A Boogie also said during the interview that this album will end his mixtape era, but before that he’s releasing one more EP with fellow High Bridge artist, Don Q.

“I stopped doing that mixtape thing, I’m not really rocking with mixtapes no more. EPs and albums, that’s it,” he said. “Speaking of that, I forgot, I got one more mixtape coming. Me and Don Q dropping a mixtape.”

Stay tuned for more info on A Boogie’s forthcoming ‘The Bigger Artist’ and its official track list.


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