MadeinTYO Announces Final Project & Drops New Single “Cashin Out” [PEEP]


Surprising fans, MadeinTYO announced what he said will be his final project, ‘True’s World’. It’s really a stunning call for many as TYO has just began to reach his prime after a few successful singles, touring with Big Sean, and his Private Club Record label taking off.

True’s World is my last project,” TYO told XXL. “Thank you for all the support.”

It’s unclear why MadeinTYO is ending his successful music career, but surely there is a good reason for it.

Along with the announcement TYO dropped his new single “Cashin Out,” where he declares he’s tired of a lot of shit rapping, “Tired of comparisons / Young ni**a, so embarrassing / Fuck up her hair again / My shorty bad, yeah, she arrogant.”

TYO also shared the cover art which shows an animated picture of his son and the track listing.

Check out the track list below.


1. “True’s World”
2. “It Depends”
3. “Too Quick”
4. “Cashing Out”
5. “Eating”
6. “Yah Dig”


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