Prodigy Discussed His Sickle Cell Fight On One Of His Last Interviews [WATCH]


In what was one of his last interviews, Prodigy went into full detail about his battle with sickle cell disease with Dr. Siri aka “The Therapist” on Viceland. P who lost the fight to sickle cell and passed away a few weeks ago, went full scale about living with the disease.

Along with details of his battle with sickle cell anemia, Prodigy talked about the importance of having a healthy diet, spirituality, encountering a UFO and a black shadow after getting ill for the first time in six months, and more.

About living with sickle cell Prodigy said, “It’s excruciating pain. It’s to the point where I can’t even move. They have to pick me up or put me in a wheelchair and carry me to the hospital. I can’t move my body. I can’t move my legs or anything. The pain is just incredible.”

His interview with “The Therapist” on Viceland aired Monday, but you can watch it below.


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