Vince Staples Announces Release Date For ‘Big Fish Theory’ & Drops New Single “Big Fish” [PEEP]


One of the biggest names responsible for keeping LA on the map is Vince Staples. The Artesia Boulevard product is getting ready to put out his sophomore album ‘Big Fish Theory’ and today he gave fans a release date of June 23rd, along with his new turnt up single “Big Fish.” (RAPPERS YOU HAVE TILL JUNE 23RD!!!)

Vince made a splash (LITerally) by dropping the video with the single, where he looks back on his come up. The David Helman-directed video shows Vince on a sinking boat surrounded by sharks, which correlates with the little fish in the beginning of the video who got out of the fish bowl and into the sea. It also relates to the song if you listen closely.

Watch the video for “Big Fish” featuring Juicy J below and stay tuned for the pre-order coming soon.


“It’s funny I was going crazy not to long ago / With my problems every morning like the Maury show.”


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