Ice Cube Confirms “Last Friday” Movie On “The Late Late Show” [PEEP]


On last night’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Ice Cube made a major announcement. The West Coast legend told Corden that the fourth sequel of the “Friday” installment is currently in the works and definitely happening. Something that every “Friday” enthusiast can be happy about after all the rumors that have circled in the past couple years.

“We’re working on one right now,” said Cube. “We’re gonna call it Last Friday.”

The sequel follows Mike Epps teasing the movie along with co-star John Witherspoon. It is also the first time Ice Cube has ever spoken on it with such confirmation. It does make a lot of sense given Cube’s recent success with other franchises like “Barbershop,” “Ride Along,” “Jump Street” and “Are We There Yet?”

“Last Friday” will follow the 1995 original “Friday,” and sequels “Next Friday” in 2000 and “Friday After Next” from 2002. A whole 15-years later it is finally happening.

Check out the hilarious basketball lessons Ice Cube give James Corden get physical below.


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