QUOTABARZ: The Most Quotable Barz Of The Week From J. Cole, Nas, Gucci Mane, Ty Dolla $ign & More [PEEP]


It’s been another week filled with dope releases. New shit from Nas, Gucci Mane, Frank Ocean, AD, an unreleased track for J. Cole, verses from 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, and of course the Audio Push #Freestyle009.

I’ve compiled the sickest, most quotable barz of this week with quotes below. Check them out and remember to tweet me during the week with your favorite barz of new releases. Peep the barz below.

J. Cole – “Want You To Fly” (UNRELEASED)

“God is real and he usin’ me for a bigger purpose / So fuck the world that would have you think that a nigga worthless”

“Sometimes I think that these verses can help a person / Way more than the ones they readin’ in churches / On days of worship / No disrespect to the Lord and Savior, that ain’t just ego / I just observe that them words no longer relate to people”

“My niggas is felons from sellin’ weight / In more than two states / .22 in his waist before he could even shoot straight / Quick to draw on you like Aaron McGruder, nigga who fate? / All of that to say maybe the hood need a new faith / A new story about a boy from not too far where you stay”

Nas & DJ Shadow – “Systematic”

“I wish I was a arms dealer, sell illegal arms in the hood / No backup check, put cash in my palms and we good / Lack of respect, get you to fall where you stood / Mathematics is God’s language, it’s in my blood”

Fre$h – “Petty” Feat. 50 Cent & 2 Chainz

“Don’t make me get a chill, do some shit to you / And slap the shit at ya, hit at ya, have niggas get rid of ya / Think what the bitch would do, she ain’t mention you / Pussy wasn’t really all that good, fuck did she do to you?” – 50 Cent

“This is a party to me, look at my roof, my diamonds so taller than me / I sold a base, like I was part of the beat, fuck you in all of the sheets, yeah”

Gucci Mane – “Coachella”

“I’m a wild pitcher, watch out cause bitch, I might hit ya / Brought your bitch witcha, watch me cause I might Mike Vick her”

“This bitch won’t pick up the phone she must think I’m Travis Scott (hoe) / Gucci so dope like they pulled him out the pot / Don’t care if your man play ball or not bitch all tote is bankrolls”

AD & Sorry JayNari – “Leakin” Feat. Wiz Khalifa

“I’m so lit / You can see what I’m leakin'” – AD

Lit up, kinda hard for me to sit up / N***a talk tough get hit up / ‘Bout to roll a zip up / Pull up make the whole car lift up / Mad cause your dip comin’ with us / I got your bitch in the back taking pictures / Tattoos on my body like scriptures” – Wiz Khalifa

Audio Push – “#Freestyle009

“I quarterback and I throw the pass and I feel like Dan Marino / I can’t believe they shot more little kids out in San Bernandino”

“Independent cuz the mutha f***in labels tried to keep us boxed in / That’s why a young n****a out here locked in”


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