SXSW Link Up: Rexx Life Raj Talks Working With Russ, His First Experience At #SXSW & More [PEEP]


If you’re not hip to Rexx Life Raj yet, I guarantee you once you press play on his music you will be hooked! I linked up with the Berkeley rapper after his set at the Nice Kicks showcase at SXSW. We vibed out and talked about his dog, his experience at his first SXSW, working with Russ, his forthcoming project, making relatable music, and more. My guy even spit a little a capella freestyle after the interview to display his lyrical skills as well.

Listen to the full interview and freestyle below via SoundCloud.


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  1. Raj came through to our show at SF State last week and performed with my artist Chris O’Bannon and he straight killed it. Super professional and humble. Dope ass interview – Raj is 100!

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