Jerry Seinfeld Talks About Meeting And Working With Wale (Video)

One thing made me feel awkward in this interview: “There’s obviously a connection between your wife and Wale.” After Jerry Seinfeld explained the statement, the earth continued to spin counter-clockwise.

The story goes, Wale attended one of Jerry’s comedy shows and ended up hanging out with Seinfeld himself after the show. Wale wanted to work with him and Jerry had no idea who he was…. BUT his wife did. “Wale is my favorite hip-hop artist. I have every single thing [he’s put out],” said Mrs. Seinfeld in Jerry’s narration of the story. There’s another twist, she happened to miss one of Wale’s bigger mixtapes, the 2008-released Seinfeld-inspired Mixtape About Nothing. “We’re living together. She’s into him, he’s into him and I didn’t know about the whole thing,” continued Jerry.

One word: Fate. Sorta. I’m looking forward to hear what Jerry Seinfeld contributes to Wale’s album. After all, the interview was filmed from a studio.

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