Video: Jansport J – MoveMeants II: The Reprise (BTS)

Back in May 2011, Cov Original Music Producer Jansport J checked in with one of Hip Hop’s premier DJ’s/Tastemakers House Shoes. They spent the evening playing beats for each other, in which Sport also took the opportunity to play him an early version of MoveMeants II. Valuing his honest and sometimes sobering opinion, this was the night that he realized the album was decent, but simply not good enough. He would spend the next couple of months re-working the project until he knew that it was a work that he could be undoubtedly proud of.

MoveMeants II: The Reprise [Instrumental LP] will be available March 20th. Keep up with behind-the-scenes footage, announcements, and exclusive content for the project at the official site.

Shot by Andrew Quezada.

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