Video: Drake Talks About The Woman Who Tattooed His Name On Her Forehead

So Drake has obviously seen the picture of the girl who’s tattooed his name on her forehead. Why is he so mad if he knows it’s real?

“You’re an a**hole, for real… and you should never do tattoos again. And if I ever see you I’m gonna f*** you up…” Says an angry Drake, talking about tattoo artist who tattooed “DRAKE” on woman’s forehead. He exclusively talks to Mando Fresko about the famous photo.

[mando fresko]

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  1. I respect Drake for not calling his fan crazy and saying he wants to understand why she put his tattooed his name on her forehead. LOL, he wants to fuck up the tattoo artist though.

    Hopefully, she’ll learn about making rash decisions. In the meantime, there is always makeup. :P

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