1. Nice summer song I don’t care what people think haters will alwsy be there we don’t have and we don’t share the same “iqs when it comes to music “someone might find it awful but I find it nice to annoy haters

    Its a monster songs just because fif is putting same music like Wayne people are talking crap that he fell of nope he is chasing young money now that young money don’t have much buzz fif is getting the buzz now

    I’m on it its kinder funny when lil Wayne raps about his money and shit now one complians but when Mr cent raps about money some people are jumping into his ass. Like bees on honey fucken retards jnoulis

  2. I am on this track!
    He’s going to get loads of flooders for the ‘if this illumination what am I am I bugatti’. lol x

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