Video: Bon Iver on QTV/Calgary Video

I bought the new Bon Iver album today and randomly came across this interview browsing the interwebs. Album is definitely recommended! Also put up video for “Calgary” which is official first single off new album.


Audio: 2Pac – Watch Yo Mouth & NY ’87

Unreleased Pac in high quality. AND THEY’RE DISS RECORDS! I don’t need to say anything else.

Download: NY ’87 (Now That’s Dissin)

Download: Watch Yo Mouth

Oh shit. I’m back, kinda.

Anywho, Thurz hits us with an unreleased track titled “King Keep Marching.” If you haven’t heard his latest single, “Prayer,” then mosey on over to this link to get ahold of the new song. Personally, I love the whole campaign for Thurz’ upcoming solo album, L.A. Riot, which is inspired by Rodney King, the 1992 Los Angeles Riots and recent North Africa Uprisings. All of the viral videos, tracks and any other content that was delivered to my inbox has been interesting and well put together. I never got the chance to wheatpaste but once I’m feeling better, you better believe I’m gonna be hitting up some L.A. walls.

Check out the L.A. Riot Manifesto below and see if you riot for the same causes. Preview of the song and the download link are below.


I RIOT, because BET has failed every generation after 1999.

I Riot, because Top 40 Radio plays the same
electro/techno-based songs 10 times an hour.

I Riot, because the artists that are forced upon the masses are hybrid clones with the same content in every song.

I Riot, because I haven’t felt the same love and attachment for an album since Redman’s Muddy Waters.

I Riot, for the freedom of music and art that has been

Download: Thurz – Kings Keep Marching

For those that are familiar with DOM KENNEDY, you know that this is the first album he’s put out that’s for sale. Everything else has been FREE. With this being 17 tracks for only $6.99, it’s basically free as well! Specially considering that the music is DOPE! We decided to make it easy for you, CLICK HERE to purchase DOM’s album through iTunes.

Chris Brown dropped his remix of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” earlier tonight. Shout to RichGirl’s Seven and Kevin McCall as well!

“Havent given yall free music in a while.. thought I would do something for the ladies!!!” wrote Chris. “No diss record either for all the slow people out there! just writing from the other perspective!”

Download: Chris Brown – Marvin’s Room Remix


Video: Drake “Marvin’s Room”

Drake ~ Marvins Room (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Drizzy dropped this like 30 minutes after Chris Brown dropped his version.


Fri 6/24 – DJ sourMILK – Belasco


Thu 6/23 – DJ sourMILK – Sevilla


Video: Audio Push – Our City

If you know me, you know I rep Rialto, California like a muhfugga.