Audio: Yuna – Live Your Life (Prod. Pharrell)

If you know me personally and we talk music, I’ve probably talked to you about Yuna. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I found out about her about 2 years ago. I really feel like this is her year to take the US over. Here’s her most recent single, which hits iTunes on 1/24, produced by Pharrell.

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  1. mawaddah says:

    proud to be KSMY ! ! !..LOVE YUNA

  2. aiesha says:


  3. Hani says:

    This is super awesome! Gonna be my ringtone for my phone soon! Yuna u’re superb :D

  4. Danner says:

    this is dope

  5. kae meelo says:

    if dizzy rascal himself gave her credits. who are you to judge this new talent named yuna? give her a chance, this collaboration is a midtempo jazz/hiphop mixed. if you didn’t like it then either you are a hater or this isnt your genre :)

  6. Lun says:

    Besides Dizzy’s part, this is so monotonous and flat.

  7. Yani says:

    Malaysia represent!

  8. fannn says:

    this song is amazing. i can’t wait to here more!
    send me the song too!

  9. N says:

    Email me this song please! I’ve been searching for it :(

  10. nycdyaaaa says:

    this is crazzyyyyyy .. goddess

  11. Nadirah says:

    Oh, this sounds divine. This has me anticipating her latest album :)

  12. amyn says:

    wow.. i’ve heard live version of this song on MTV Iggy Best New Band concert and been addicted ever since… can’t wait for the release…

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